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    So, despite my optimism and never-say-die, and attempts at techno derring-do, it looks like the Old English font will not be appearing on my computer any time soon.

    As a postscript to the last blog, I found another Olde English free font that I downloaded onto my computer, only to discover that now it’s sitting there, none of us can work out how to do anything with it. Another downloading attempt saw me tricked into downloading not a font at all, but a new web browser, which took ages to get rid of. In consideration of my mental health, and the fact that I do have a life that need not be ruled by machines, the quest for the font has been put to rest, the knight has laid down the sword, and the white charger is grazing in the field. Perhaps there will be other opportunities to fight, but not today.

    The upside of this – and there always is one – is that I now have renewed faith in my drawing skills, and am learning to do the Olde English font by hand – just like the 12th century monks did. I’ve already started with the letter ‘v’, with which I was able to complete the Weaver in Residence sign. If I can do a ‘v’ to a standard where nobody can see the join, anything is possible!