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Marriage guidance in the fourth dimension

After nearly three decades together, Julia and Rory are breaking apart.

Can a journey that trips time and space get their relationship back on track?


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After nearly three decades together, Julia and Rory’s marriage is at such a crisis point, they trip space and time. When the fourth dimension rocks up into their troubled love life, Julia seizes the chance to live out her fantasies, while Rory, instinctively tethered to the real world, finds himself taking a darker, more introspective journey.

Whether they like it or not, husband and wife find themselves navigating alternative realities, past events and switching time, to try to fix their turbulent relationship.

An action-packed erotic ride, an irreverent and poignant meditation on long-term partnerships, fidelity and change, and how desire matures – but doesn’t have to get old.


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 Kings of the Road 

What if that sheep that just walked in front of your car isn't stupid - but a professional soldier following orders? Follow the adventures of three generals orchestrating paramilitary manouevres on the single track roads - with the help of a renegade sheepdog.

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 Kings of the Road £6 including UK postage   



Dolly Cutag



A Stornoway herring girl; a Yorkshire mill boy. One killer. One detective. Two lives destined to collide at Whitechapel, London, in 1888, where Jack the Ripper stalks the streets.

  Dolly Cutag £10.50  including postage  


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